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riverview quarantine: network
how to use the network

Characters are not required to use one particular type of device to access the network, but upon arrival are guided through setting up an account to access the network. They can choose whatever username they would like, or go with the default of first initial and last name. They are given a choice of several smartphones upon arrival for daily use, and after orientation, they can upgrade this phone on their own dime or access the network by tablet, laptop, desktop, network-on-TV, game console, or any other method you can think of. If characters arrived with a device on their person, they can also choose to use that device, with a slight alteration for compatibility. The only way to access the network on any device is with the username they set up when they arrive.

Characters have access to the Quarantine equivalents of any (legal) websites that are available on the usual internet. More information on how the internet and network in Riverview functions can be found at the following links: 1. 2. 3. 4.

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[ It happened overnight. The amnesia wore off and she woke up Sunday morning suddenly possessing months of knowledge of a man who'd shown her worlds and times Bill could never have imagined, prior to meeting him. She hadn't believed Cisco when he'd told her about this man called the Doctor who could travel through time, who was her friend. But now she remembers him, and more importantly, she remembers how she hasn't seen or heard from him in weeks.

When she goes to start recording, the camera comes on and she gets a view of how shattered she looks from crying, and quickly switches to audio only. ]

How... How do you know when someone's left? Gone home, I mean, or just... gone somewhere that's not here. Is there a list of names somewhere to check?

[ She pauses, hesitant, before adding, ] Do the ones who've left ever come back?
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[Laura's been trying to adjust. Part of her wonders if coming here wasn't a grave mistake — she'd come thinking there are more like her, people who would accept her more willingly, and in a way, that's true. However... There are a few... annoyances. Grievances. Her rather overworked case worker Linda has been making sure she goes to school. Today isn't the best day for school, though. She's quiet and 'weird' and the other children usually aren't fond of her and her quiet but present danger.

And for Laura, well. She doesn't do well with anyone 'teaching' her. She's had too much of 'teaching' the last eleven years of her... eleven years.

She may or may not have punched another kid in the eye.

She may or may not have ditched school.

And now she sits on the top of a rather tall and dangerous brick-ish wall in the city, her feet hanging precariously off the edge. Close by, the shadow of a tram wooshes by, and somewhere out there, Linda the Case Worker is having a heart attack. Laura, however, seems more puzzled and annoyed than anything. She sits with a potentially stolen bag of mini-donuts, her favorite glasses pressed up on her forehead and her lovely albeit mildly damaged unicorn shirt clear and vibrant.]

Why do children have to go to classes? 

I can learn outside of school.

[There are mean children that exist. She's never ran into children who are so exclusionary; after all, mutants had to stick together.

And teachers aren't bad, but something about the set-up bothers her, in ways she's not sure how to explain.

Maybe it's harder to blend in than you'd think. Not that she had gone into this with any high hopes.] 

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[Thom's head pops up on the screen; he was getting comfortable with the communications device now thanks to prolonged exposure and having met a fair few people around the quarantine zone. It wasn't like he had his old reputation here so it was easier for him to appear calm and confident when it came to addressing other people. He has a small smile on his face, the familiar look of communal housing behind him.] Hey! I'm Thom... I had a question, I guess? [His nervousness is concealed, but it still comes through a little in the way he doesn't quite look directly at the camera.] I know everyone's having a tough time right now but like, does anyone here play Basketball?

[His eyes light up talking about it, his enthusiasm clear on his features.] I was thinking its been a while since I hit the court and I'm guessing there isn't one here, but I'd like to maybe shoot some hoops, if anyone's interested?
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Well this is fun. Finally confirmed that both my brother and my teammate are gone.

Lucky me. Probably ended up here because of them and now they aren't here.

So I guess it doesn't really matter what he thinks anymore.
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i. Private to Keith / backdated to Masquerade

[texting because he's not sure where Keith is and if he'll hear him trying to call]

I heard something that has me concerned.

Someone at the masquerade said she used to room with a woman named Allura who fits her description.

She's not here anymore. Which makes me wonder where is she?

ii. OPEN / day after

Question for those who have been here for a while. I was just told by someone that someone I knew named Allura used to be here and that's she's no longer here.

So I wanted to find out, what happens to people who just disappear? Where are they?

It's important that I know.
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[Stephen is so fucking over this.

It's only the fact that he knows which buttons do what that he can get the video on at all and he definitely doesn't look like a happy camper, not with the frown he was wearing.]

So this... memory loss thing. Anyone made any progress on figuring out a way around it?

[His brows twitched lower as his frown deepens into an annoyed sort of scowl, trembling fingers drumming restlessly against the open pages of a book.]

Not having much luck on my end.

[For a reason he's not getting into with all and sundry.]
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[This is actually Illya’s first post on the network, ever. He already doesn’t trust any kind of open communication, he knows how easily it can be bugged- and that’s not even taking into account the fact that they have to depend on a method of communication given by those who have basically kidnapped them. It’s useful, and he uses it to communicate with people but he sticks to one-on-one conversations.

...But, wouldn’t you know it, forgetting the main reason why he’s so careful apparently made him lower his guard. Who knew?]


[He also looks way, way more relaxed, and one could almost call the way his lips seem to be twitching up a smile. Almost.]

Name is Illya, for those who don’t know me. Illya Kuryakin. I know most of us are dealing with.... Whatever is happening, with the loss of memory. But I think that’s all the more reason to be prepared.

[He goes on, unaware that he’s just… revealed his actual name to everyone over the network. Because since he forgot he’s a spy, he also forgot all about his secret identity. He’ll be pissed, but that’s apparently going to be a problem for future Illya.]

So I’ve been thinking about giving self-defense classes, to anyone who would be interested. I am most experienced in SAMBO, but I know many fighting styles. If you are looking for a sparring partner I would be interested, as well.

Thank you.
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[In pops Undertaker, all smiles, as per his usual. Not even recent events seem to have taken that away from him. From the view, he seems to be seated on a couch indoors, but in an unusual twist, there seems to be a head of dark hair leaning against his shoulder, one much smaller and certainly not his own. But he doesn't acknowledge this person, not right away.]

Those of you on Floor 2 of the community building, we'll be having a guest for a time. I seem to find myself in an interesting sort of way and I can't rightly say no to this one. [He's well aware that there may be worries about food and the sort, but he isn't taking no for an answer on this one.] No need to worry about him minding his own business or taking space. I've worked that much out so it won't fall on any of you, of course. Only fair. Feel free to speak with me if you've any concerns. Ta.

[The view shifts down and to the side, offering up a brief flash of Ciel leaning in against the mortician's side as he reaches with his other hand to power down the feed.]
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[ For once, Angela is using her device intentionally. And she is not happy. ]

Whomsoever is responsible for the rash of memory loss that is sweeping across the quarantine, I demand you step forward and reverse this, now.

[ TWO of her siblings are affected by this; it is unacceptable. ]

Have we not suffered enough, under the thrall of the artifact some months ago? [ She means the Temporal Chalice, which altered the lives and histories of so many here in the quarantine. ] Come forth and answer for your crimes. Reverse this plague and return our city to a state of peace.

[ Or else she'll cut you down where you stand, being the implication. ]
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[ once the festival is over, as elrics tend to do, they've turned a corner of the room into a research space for the time being, surrounded by books as they read on the couch. although things started productively enough, after some time leaning against his brother reading, ed slips down to stretch out facing the back of the sofa where he's eventually fallen asleep, long hair loose down his back and draped over the cushions to the floor - whatever book he's been reading forgotten in favor of getting more comfortable.

al, meanwhile, is sitting up with a frown on his features. his fingers card through his brother's hair in a slow, affectionate gesture, one that denotes just how close the two brothers are. at one point, he reaches over to grab his brother's slowly falling book and sets it aside before addressing the feed. ]

So many people have forgotten things. It's strange; I thought things were settled when that god was put to sleep. I think it's affected my brother too.

[ he pauses to card his fingers through his brother's hair again. ] He's been acting a bit differently, but don't tell him.

Anyway, how many people have lost memories? I've seen at least three people on the network so far. Anyone else? Maybe if we figure out who's affected, we can find a solution...

[ ooc: post is also open for floor 6 people and visitors! ]

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Ugh, my head...

[Dodger seems like he just woke up... and like he woke up pretty roughly at that. He looks the same as normal, if a little more relaxed and sleepy. Although, those who haven't seen him lately will now be able to see that he's wearing what looks like a shock collar with a green light glowing on the buckle. A power suppressor. Also, the lights are on in his room for once, so the observant might be able to catch some less blurry shots of the somewhat invasive amounts of information kept on several people around the city, which are plastered all over his walls along with identifying pictures of them. Something which he hasn't taken the time to read through, since he doesn't remember any of it.]

I feel like I got hit by a train... shit. Hey- there's notes all over the desk here, so I know this is my place, but- fuck, I don't remember a single fuckin' thing about- here. Someone wanna tell me what's going on?

[He doesn't look any different, his scars are still there and so is his scruffy beard. But this doesn't seem... quite like Dodger. His tone is less condescending and sullen, more just... sleepy, with a morning grumpy sort of vibe. Like he'll pop back up and be a cheerful, relaxed person once he gets some coffee. And speaking of indulgent drinks...]

....Fuck, Janet's gonna kill me if she sees all the bottles in here...

[ooc: Dodger has forgotten everything past his 20th birthday, including all of his CR in Riverview. Enjoy letting your muses explain their version of events to him... or just fuck with him. He doesn't know any better.]
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cut for blood and 'graphic' content? )

( ooc For those canon familiar, Damian's forgotten his memories from the middle of the Year of Blood onward. For those unfamiliar, meet Damian al Ghul, assassin and demon child.

He currently thinks he's still in the middle of the Year of Blood. What that means is he will be trying to complete one task a day as a show of strength/intent and take a "trophy" as proof to present to his mother and grandfather. Those tasks will likely be extremely violent. If you want to plan anything on that front or handwave any previous CR, feel free to message me via PM or on plurk at [plurk.com profile] batbrain.
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[ Two very green eyes (wide, without their usual cunning gleam) stare into the camera when the recording goes live, glancing up to the username that appears. Reading it, he mutters 'Loki of Asgard' and frowns, glancing around himself as though somebody else may spring up and claim the phone. When they don't, Loki runs an anxious hand through his hair and lets out a controlled sigh at length, standing awkwardly in his tee and jeans in the Floor Five lounge. ]

This phone I woke up with in my pocket is locked and it won't let me do more than make an emergency call. I know I'm on a moon for some reason, what the fuck, so if this is the local nine-one-one line I'd like some assistance, please.

[ 'Calm under strain' would be an apt description. ]

Such as, ah ... What's Asgard? And, how did I just freeze my bed solid? Because I totally did. [ In a panic when he woke up bewildered, oops. ] I — I'm not sure what to do.

( ooc: forward-dating this to tomorrow bc i work full-time and won't be around; loki is suffering a near-complete memory loss for the event. he doesn't remember who he is, his fam & friends, that he is magic as heck, how to use said magic, or his extensive horrid history. all he knows is that he agreed to come to a moon and once had an apartment in manhattan. )
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[It's been about a month since this weird, glitchy-looking styled message has appeared on the network, but here he is again. But instead of a list of quiet, seemingly random questions, it's a pretty legible question.]

There are people here from different sorts of worlds, with different sorts of abilities, and experiences that border on the supernatural.

The longer I'm here, sometimes I find it hard to believe this is anything more than a strange dream, or something along those lines.

I understand science and machinery. I don't understand the supernatural, only in the sense of Videogames and Science Fiction.

If you have abilities or experiences that are different from this 'normal' I understand...

Tell me about it.

Your magic, your reality, supernatural creatures or abilities...

I'm interested in that.
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Hypothetically speaking, what would you do if the person you were in love with literally forgot you existed? Or, what if you remember having a life with this person except it technically never happened for them?

Would you try to build a connection with them? Would it even be fair to do that? Would you simply try to move on?
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[ Distinguished and not-so distinguished residents of Riverview, hello.

Currently, you are graced with a mugshot of one Peter “Space-Duke” Quill and a view of the messier half of his shared apartment. In his hand is his trusty mp3 player – which boasts at least three hundred songs, holy crap, y’all – and while he has one bud in his ear, the other dangles from the wire. ]

So. Apparently if nothing else, this place has, like, all the music ever. So if I’ve gotta be stuck here, might as well make the most of it, right?

I’m on the hunt for somethin’ new. Tryin’ to play a whole lot of catch up. If anyone’s got any music recommendations, I’m all ears. Songs, artists, albums, weird, avant-garde stuff with a guy saying “number nine” over and over – hit me with your best shot. I’ll try anything once.

Also, uh.

[ A pause, and he turns the mp3 player’s face toward the camera. The screen happily displays the album art of The Best of Earth, Wind & Fire, Vol. 1 while “September” plays. Zunes, man!! Aren’t they rad? ]

Don’t suppose anyone here’s familiar enough with this that they can show me how to add stuff?
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So this Surveyor job is pretty cool and all, but as a guy who has a bad time with idle hands I figure I could put my name out here a little bit and see who needs what, so here goes :

If anyone's in need of a mechanic to fix something up real quick, or even to build you a little something you can't find in stores here, let me know. I like tinkering and making bikes and cars loud as I can, that kinda thing. 

Also pretty good with computers, if that's more your deal. Building, programming... hacking.

I can even send viruses to your exes if you want but you'll never be able to pin me for it.

All your usual stuff. 

Contact me here, or if you see a kid with a long braid in public it's probably me. 

Oh, and, does anyone have any idea of a place that sells motorcycles or even a frame I can start building off of? A guy needs wheels around here. 
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[The video crackles on and there's a somewhat familiar face that appears, though it appears somewhat bored. The username suggests that this is not Jacob Kane and instead someone that looks identical to him. Well, if he stopped attempting to look like a lazy college student, that is. When he speaks, it with a flat monotone that's devoid of any emotion.]

If there is anyone here who knows of the man named Jacob Kane, I would like to know his whereabouts as I've found something of his that I would like to return.

[He looks down briefly and something starts making almost angry hissing sounds, but it's muffled by something.]

Stop that. I know you can behave better than this. [He looks back up at the camera.] Dear brother, if you're receiving this, I found your shadow.
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This thing sure is, uh, fancy.

[ Magnus sticks a finger out at the phone's screen, tapping the glass and knocking the image out of focus for just a second. However, he quickly realizes he’s made a mistake and fixes the camera focus accordingly. ]

Sorry, I’m just not used to this kinda stuff. I think my fingers are too big for this thing... But I’ll figure it out quick! Anyway, hi, I’m Magnus, and… Well, I guess I’d be lying if I said I was completely happy to be here — [ His face looks as if he’s guilty to be saying this, but it almost instantly lights back up. ] — But I’ll make the most of it while I’m here! Y’know, I’m always happy to make new friends. Just let me know if you need, uh, a chair, or a bed, or a bodyguard or something!

[ He reaches forward to turn off the camera, but pauses, quizzical. He retracts his hand. ]

You should also let me know if you have a dog that I might be able to pet. …I hope dogs exist here.

[ The camera shuts down with the press of a button. ]
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[So he's been given to understand this "network" is something like a bulletin board, except people can contact each other in real time, a bit like sending letters through the uro passageways but even faster. Honestly, he's kind of fascinated by the whole thing, but it's still a bit overwhelming, even if the notion of different worlds and planes of existence isn't entirely foreign to him. Hence ... why the video feed is a bit overly zoomed in, and starts out upside down before he realizes his mistake and rights it.]

Ah, it seems some of the creatures from my world followed me through the portal. If you're capable of seeing them, you might have noticed what seem to be ghosts or phantasms floating around--they're called mushi.

They're not sapient, and most are harmless, but some can cause trouble, so if you feel suddenly unwell or notice anyone exhibiting unusual behavior, don't hesitate to contact me. My name is Ginko. I am a mushi-shi, which means handling such incidents was my livelihood before now.

[There's a brief pause. He's not really great at this whole "meet and greet" thing, considering he never really stays in one place long enough for that to be necessary, but...now that he's gotten the business part of this out of the way there are a few things he's curious about.]

Has anyone seen the portal that brings us here? I've heard myths and legends about portals to alternate worlds, but I've never actually seen one.

I'd also like to learn more about these devices, and how they work. Where I’m from, we still communicate through letters, so this is truly astonishing to me. I could tell you some stories about my home, in exchange.

[ooc: Canon never really specifies what makes some people able to see mushi and others not. Believing in or being aware of spirits etc or having a connection to nature in some way probably helps, but honestly feel free to assume your character is able to see them, if that's something you're interested in! They look vaguely like this]