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riverview quarantine: network
how to use the network

Characters are not required to use one particular type of device to access the network, but upon arrival are guided through setting up an account to access the network. They can choose whatever username they would like, or go with the default of first initial and last name. They are given a choice of several smartphones upon arrival for daily use, and after orientation, they can upgrade this phone on their own dime or access the network by tablet, laptop, desktop, network-on-TV, game console, or any other method you can think of. If characters arrived with a device on their person, they can also choose to use that device, with a slight alteration for compatibility. The only way to access the network on any device is with the username they set up when they arrive.

Characters have access to the Quarantine equivalents of any (legal) websites that are available on the usual internet.

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[Stephen looks… well less like a hobo than he has in past months. Still looks like he needs to sleep for a year, but that seems to be standard.

He ran a hand through his hair, frowning down at something outside of view.]

So… I think someone lost a dog in the park?

[He shifts the phone so the camera shows his feet, and the small puppy that was running circles around him. It slowed to a stop when it noticed the attention, peering up at Stephen and his camera, ears perking curiously. But when no treats or attention were forthcoming, it head-butted against his ankle with a bark.

Stephen took a few steps back, which just encouraged the Lillipup to run after him, tail wagging, catching his pant leg in teeth to tug, like he was trying to pull the man along with him, though if even the small pup knew where to was questionable.]

This little guy look familiar to any of you?
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[ Good whatever-fucking-time-it-is-now Riverview! You are being graced with the not-so-rare sight of one Tony Stark after spending too much time in the perimeter defence office throwing himself into work and, if you are to go by the state of his hair and the few smudges of grease on his face, perhaps throwing himself into some of the machinery that can be seen strewn about the place. (It really doesn't look any better from the last time you saw it, Riverview, still a chaotic mess).

With a twitch of his mouth, Tony settles his chin on his folded hands and peers into the feed, eyebrow cocked in a way that made him look equal parts insane and amused.]

So, I have been digging into some random things that I have been able to get my hands on as of late and, overall I have to say I am very impressed with the tech in this place. I mean, sure interdimensional portal and all that, but have you seen some of their basic routeing systems? Well, beyond the shitty ones that like to die and not work and--

[ Shit, wait. There was a reason he was doing this, right.

Tony blinks a few times, shakes his head, and continues.]

Point is, there is a lot I can dig into, lots of things that I can make, but only if I have the parts. So, here's the deal; whoever can bring me scraps of machines and computers, tech that seems mostly useless, please do. In return, I will be more than willing to work with, well, anyone that wants something that is a little harder to come by here.

[ Pushing back, Tony leans back in the chair he is sitting in and runs his hands through his hair.]

While I did say I was out of the weapons manufacturing back home, I can make exceptions here, so if there is something you want in particular, let me know. Within reason, of course.

[ There is a flash of a grin as he leans back in, a quick wink, before the feed cuts out. ]
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[Allura's managed to rig her communicator up to her earrings, so for simplicity's sake and ease, she's chosen to use the voice function. she sounds...while admittedly posh and formal, young and measuring her words carefully as she speaks.]

This is Princess Allura of the planet Altea. I...apologize for not reaching out to the network sooner, especially as someone assigned to work as a spokeswoman for this realm's government, but--

--well, there is no way to simply put this.

You see, this is not my first experience with having been brought into an entirely new universe with very little say in the matter. I am curious if there are others here who have had similar past experiences, or if this is your first time experiencing such a phenomenon.

[there's a bit of a pause, as though debating whether to end it there.]

And if there are those here who recall a ship known as the Eluvio, I wish to hear from you.
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(in the beginning, it looks like suigetsu is trying to take a selfie with a particularly horrifying looking fish with teeth longer than its dorsal spines. but he lowers his peace sign, pulls the phone closer for a flattering view of double-chin, and grins into the camera.)

Yo, I'm Houzuki Suigetsu, and this is my first network post of all time. I'm gonna make an announcement to commemorate it, so listen, okay? I won't repeat myself just 'cause you wouldn't pay attention the first time around!

(hope your phone has a translator, because it's notably japanese, both spoken and written on the sign suigetsu lifts up. it looks handmade and like something a child in elementary school could cook up. and while there's an attempt at english, to appease the majority of the people here, both languages have poor spelling and even poorer handwriting.)

Do you like fish and fish-like things? Amphibians and, uh, things that look a lot like amphibians that I'm not too sure about? Well, look no further than—

(eyes creasing, there's a flash of pointy chompers that make him look like he belongs there.)

We were open before this, but I thought that there should be more of you guys going now that I work there. Like the sign says, we're open every single day except for Sunday, from nine in the morning till five in the evening. This might mean that you can't come, 'cause you're at your own job, but you should leave there and come here for a tour instead!

What do you think? It's a swell idea, right? Are you coming right now?

(a tilt to his head, raising the phone back up so only his eyes, his forehead, and his fish friends are visible. many bubbles are blown, many alien crab pincers are pinced. and honestly? it looks kind of fun.)

Lemme know if you are, so I can meet you at the entrance and give you one of my super special all-inclusive tours, with a bonus prize if you listen to my whole talk without interrupting. How could you pass an opportunity like this up?! The right answer is that you can't!

Suigetsu, out-o!
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[The feed cuts in abruptly ( maybe a little too abruptly), revealing Mae sitting at the edge of her bed. Her head's cut off by the frame, leaving just a torso and a pair of fuzzy arms cradling what is probably the shittiest looking bass in the world. She plucks a couple strings experimentally, like she's still not entirely sure what to do with the damn thing.

Then she starts playing.

It's shaky as hell and she misses about as many notes as she hits and her bass is insanely out of tune, but the song's there. Kinda. About halfway through, she starts singing, just humming at first, then little "dah dah dah"'s in places where she can remember the rhythm but not the lyrics. It's only when the second chorus comes around that she really hits her stride.

I just wanna diiie anywhere else!
If only I could diie anywhere else!
So come with me, let's diiie anywhere else!
Just not here.

[Her singing voice is, ah, how you say not so good. Really it's more shouting than singing, but she's doing it with gusto. Eventually, the song comes to an uneasy finish, and Mae's left sitting there in silence for a couple more seconds before she turns and, in what's pretty obviously a prepared reaction, notices that she's recording.]

Oh, shit! [Said with all the convincing acting prowess of an eight grader.

She dips down, enough that you can see her face for about a fraction of a second, and practically slams her laptop shut, embarrassed and a little bit afraid.
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[The video clicks on to the face of a young man with dark olive skin and unruly dark curls, damp from a shower. It's strangely unfocused, and shifts around for a moment before he realizes how to hold it best to get the right angle - he clearly isn't used to technology like this.] Is this- Yes, the flashing light means 'recording'... [He mumbles to himself, eventually setting the device down on a table in front of him.

When he smiles, it's brightly, pleasantly.]
Hello. I'm Damen, I'm... newly arrived, within the last couple of weeks, as many others are, and I admit I am not quite used to this city yet, nor all it has to offer. Back home, I'm a soldier, but here...

I keep remembering when I was young. I cheated once, when my tutor was to test me on my history lessons. My friend Nikandros gave me all the answers beforehand, so that we could go to the training yard sooner. My tutor was very impressed with my knowledge, but my father knew immediately. I could never trick the King.

He said to me, Damianos- [And here, he says something gravely in a language that has similarities to Greek, in the nouns and verbs, though a different grammatical structure. After, a translation,] Only a fool pretends to know what he has the opportunity to learn.

[His smile takes on a slightly sadder note, but he banishes it quickly.] So, I am searching for a combat instructor and sparring partner, one who can teach me the things that my world has not yet discovered. There are so many weapons here I do not recognize, and I'm sure techniques I have never seen before. I am no beginner, however, and so I would prefer someone experienced. You will be adequately compensated for your time. Thank you.
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(video: @s.uchiha)

[ The video opens to a view of a simple sign in the quarantine’s common language, a dark green background causing the white lettering of “The Coffee Shop” to really pop alongside a graphic of what appears to be some kind of mermaid or siren. Why does this feel like copyright infringement. ]

It’s my understanding that there aren’t many places like this here. [ So comes the voice from behind the camera, view panning to the right and left to showcase the street he’s on and make it clear just where this particular shop is. Only then does he move forward, the small store’s bell jangling as he steps into what can only be described as an immaculate café, the specials written neatly on a chalkboard in Japanese characters on the counter, booths and tables lining the walls, and plants placed stalwartly in the windows like leafy guardians. ]

So it should receive more business. Now that you’re aware, consider spending your extra money here. [ As he finally turns that camera around, revealing a dour young dark-haired man in all his glory. ]

If you need more information, I suppose it can’t be helped. I’ll address concerns.


[ Feel free to stop in! Expect a quiet one-armed man behind the counter cleaning an already spotless work station in his down time. ]
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If anyone has a dog or cat that needs taking care of while they're at work or away on a mission, I'd recommend the Riverwoof Doggy Daycare & Pet Café.

The prices are reasonable and the service is good. They took my boy in on short notice, and kindly accommodated my schedule. You can grab a coffee and check in on your pet at the same time.

They've got some animals up for adoption, and they're hiring. Just passing the word along.

[ There's a small flier attached to the message indicating Riverwoof's services and location. ]
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[Hello Riverview, you're going to be greeted by the friendliest face you'll ever see on the network this morning. A pale, stylized skull mask and a voice that belongs to some edgy supervillian from some futuristic videogame or something. Dressed in all black and yes--he does seem to be leaking black smoke when he speaks. It's normal, probably.]

Far from home, in a place you don't recognise. Seems like a dream, or at least some sort of really bad joke, doesn't it.

[His tone is calm, dry--almost sarcastic in nature.]

It's not. And you're going to have to get used to it. It's nice here too, isn't it? What with all the flowers and the festivities. [Yeah, definitely sarcastic.] Hoping that's enough to keep those of you who might get bored on your toes.

There's shit normal people don't need to see outside the walls of this Quarantine. So do me a favour, and don't be stupid in going to investigate what lies out there on your own because you seek adventure.
Because if you seek that alone, you also seek Death.

Name's Reaper. Not interested in making friends, but for those of you who are capable, I'm interested in looking for people. People who are capable of working in groups to pull some of the harder jobs that involve getting your hands and weapons dirty--and people who are capable of following orders.

Not a stranger of pulling idiots out of a fire, but I'm not a goddamn babysitter, either.

[Friendly, isn't he.]
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[Fatima's life dictates that she has to carefully manage and regulate her appearance. It's a bit of a neurosis, really. She's had to dedicate much of the last few years to proving that she's every bit as capable and mature as a bunch of vampires who have seen more than a few centuries. The mortal girl is not going to sit at the kiddie table, thank you very much. Which means not looking like a kiddie.

She wears a lot of make up. Like, a lot. It's well done and attractive, certainly. But noticeably an inch thick. Her hair is pulled back in a braid today, draping over her left shoulder. But what really completes the "I'm not a child" look is the attitude. It's her carefully schooled expression, just the right amount of jaded blase, as if to say "I've seen too much to ever be wide-eyed again."

It's her first network post. She figures first impressions matter. Although this is not how she imagined greeting the network.]

Hey, Fatima Merali here.

[She's got a thick, West Coast accent. She even says her name in a disgustingly Americanized way.]

Los Angeles, 2009, for any of you keeping track of that kind of thing.

Listen. Has anyone seen or heard from Ray Palmer lately? It's like he just vanished.
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[He's been here a little bit. Hasn't engaged much. Figured he was having one hell of a fever dream after getting bit. Course, he couldn't remember getting bit, but what else could it have been? Only it hadn't gone away and the food he'd been eating seemed real enough and the people he'd been ignoring acted offended enough to be real, too.

So... maybe it was real. Weirder shit had happened.

And if it was, it might do him some good to actually start figuring his own shit out. Including how to actually use this thing.]

I ain't never used one of these
smart phones I think they're called
before. They had them before but I never
anyway I only ever had a flip phone
one I could text on.
How's this thing work?
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[So. Someone thought she needed a guitar, and she's got a pretty damn sneaking suspicion who.

And that he wouldn't appreciate a call-out. Instead, Ellie just pans the video over an acoustic guitar and a stack of books she'd found on her doorstep a few hours ago. What's visible of her bedroom looks pretty... normal, all things considered. She's put up a poster. Her bed's made (with neat, military hospital corners) and there's some laundry scattered on the floor. She's sort of right on the median line of 'neat' versus 'teenager messy'. Some days, neat wins. Other days... well.

Other days, her laundry goes straight on the floor.]


[Great opener, Ellie.]

Um... so. My name's Ellie. I'm looking for some song recs, easy stuff. We're talking, like... 'a five year old with two left hands could probably play this one blindfolded'. That kind.

I don't care about the type or-- genre or whatever, or when it's from. Just as long as I can find it here.

[There's a slight pause. Then,]

Also, if anybody knows how to transfer music from a cassette tape onto something like... an iPod, that'd be great. Thanks.
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The festival was cute. Nice little distraction for all of us who got dropped here out of nowhere.

We’re stuck here and have to get used to it. Sure. But who knows the best place to check out fresh foods and spices? I need samples. May as well be eating whatever they give me blindfolded until I know what’s in it. They could be feeding us alien donkey balls for all we know.

Just because we’re stuck in another world doesn’t mean we have to eat like heathens.
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[Today on your screen is everybody's favorite shitty wizard, who's currently sitting in a park somewhere and using mage hand to make sure the camera is at a good angle.


What's up, my dudes? It's ya boy Taako, here to make a super important announcement to save anyone getting their panties in a twist about this shit.

[He's already nailing this whole polite and informative announcement thing.]

Soooo, the people here aren't evil. [Taako shrugs.] It's a fucking revelation, I know, but listen, they're not lying about the whole portal thing and we're not here to be turned into people soup or whatever the hell folks are worried about. I mean, there's for sure some dicks in the bunch so totally not my fault if you get mugged, but uh, the people overall? Have good intentions.

[There's a shrug there, just to finish off his very well-constructed explanation.

Although he should probably also say how he knows this:]

The spirit of some real old and powerful witch told me this shit, bee-tee-dubs, and yeah, before you ask, I know she was telling the truth. That's how the spell works.

[Just take his word for it, folks!

He looks like he's about to hang up, before pausing.]

Uh, right, there's a whole new load of us idiots, isn't there? Hi, I'm Taako, in case you missed it when I said it thirty seconds ago, and that's T-double-A-K-O, not like the food. Sorry to start you off on such a fucking boring note, but here we are. Welcome to Riverview Quarantine or whatever.

[ok bye]
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[it's steve's first time on the network, though anyone who's met the other steve might need a second glance. he's sitting on his bed, a box of cookies on one side, and a familiar shield propped up against his knee.]

So I guess I'm not one of the new kids anymore. [there's new names, new faces - some familiar ones too.] For anyone who just got here, it's okay if you feel a little bit overwhelmed. I woke up once before and the world had changed, so I guess I might've been a little more prepared for it than most. My advice is to keep busy if you can - they say action is the antidote to despair. Find your friends too, or make new ones. There's no shortage of good people here.

[that's not his cue, but might as well make his introduction here.]

My name's Steve Rogers - the other one. If I can lend a hand with something, if you need an escort beyond the fences, just say the word. [steve glances down, gripping the edge of his shield for a moment.] Someone must've gone through some trouble to get this back to me. I figure I owe it to them to put it to good use.

Now, if it's the cookies you're asking about... [steve sighs, like that requires a little more consideration.] They're really good, but my ma did teach me to share. I bet I could get some more, maybe even some homemade ones.

[that little smirk has 'right, sam?' written all over it.]
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[ There's a video feed of a monster thrashing wildly, tramping over the ground and kicking up dirt and debris as it rushes toward the perimeter. It's joined by another, and another. They follow and stamp, snorting steam as they scream towards the fence. The video cuts away before the finale - where the Perimeter Guard make short work on the creatures. Instead, the camera focuses on a man with deep brown hair, amber eyes and wearing only a leather jacket and a large tattoo of a bird.

Hello, network. There's been enough reasons  to warrant a public message about safety (particularly now that it's his job), as well as an advertisement for self improvement. He's a big guy and despite his casual appearance and tone, he speaks with a certain authority of one with a lot of experience giving inspirational instruction. ]

I'm sure you've seen the posts.  Missions, a chance to do your part here.  You might even be tempted to try it solo.  Don't. If you think you're gonna be able to stand up against a swarm by yourself, don't bother - you won't stand a chance. [ Gladiolus drops his gaze down to his palm, then tightens it into a fist. ] But I ain't meetin' my end here, and I'm not about to let that happen to anyone on my watch. So be careful out there, team up. Train. Don't get caught in a bad situation unprepared.

[ The King's Shield's mouth pulls into a smile, hoisting a very massive greatsword nearly as tall as he is with a blade almost as wide as his waist and letting it rest on his shoulder. He doesn't seem to show any effort in doing so. ]

I'll be holding some combat training down by the barracks if you're interested in learning how to keep you and your loved ones safe. Survival skills, physical training, weapon skills... if you're interested, just ask for Gladio. That said, I got some missions that I'm opening up for interested parties.  One is pretty routine - get our tech guy to the fence for repairs, then get out.  The other?  Well, let's just call it an extended seminar on living off the land... there are some pretty impressive beasts out there, some of which might even be tameable.  Lemme know what you think.
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the riverview review

Welcome to the first edition of the bi-weekly IC events blog. Everything covered in this post is available in a well-written blog post format on the Riverview Quarantine homepage. Feel free to have your characters respond to this entry as if they are using a comments section on any internet article.

riverview review: issue 2 )
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Okay, you'll all have to forgive me for bringing up necromancy again.. I know some people really dislike hearing about it.

[She clears her throat nervously, trying to decide how to word this delicately. You know, for the people who hate necromancers or are afraid of the dead. But... Letha's never been the best with tact.]

I've heard through word of mouth from locals and... Walter... that some manner of people were living outside of the wall, and have since been mysteriously killed off. While I'd like to investigate and I'm... particularly equipped to speak to the dead, I don't trust myself to stay safe on the way there. Particularly considering that my only current forms of protection are a risen and a baby pokemon.

Aside from some proper protection, I'd like to see if anyone has... well, I believe investigative experience would be prudent. Those who were coppers in your home worlds or... at least have solved mysteries before, I'm not picky. It would be nice to have another necromancer around to divide the work of interviewing corpses, but I doubt I'll get that blessing.
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*Lola doesn't have a camera operator but her phone is on a tripod so it's stable as she starts the video up. She steps in front and waves to the camera, all smiles and a soft energy. Excited, but trying to keep it under wraps?*

Hi, I'm Lola Pacini, and- well, in a week I turn seventeen. On the sixteenth, like my handle. I know, not as important as turning sixteen or eighteen or twenty-one... but I'm not doing any of those.

So I thought a party, just people who are away from home and could stand to meet new people, make new friends. Not anything too big like the festivals this place has, you know?

I kinda wanna host it on Floor Two, unless anyone of my roommates really doesn't want me to then I can try to host it somewhere else. I would kinda tie up the kitchen making stuff for a while... and there might be more people than anyone really wants... So maybe I should find somewhere else. The diner where I work. Oh, that'd be great actually! Cause then we'd have a much better kitchen for food, and more chairs.

*Lola totally had a plan when she started, and she got lost in her own head halfway through. That's... what she gets for doing this as video. But if she did it in text this would be 90% emojis.*

But maybe a smaller venue would be better, and not bargaining with my boss. Anyway, you don't have to get me anything. If you want to get me something I won't stop you! But just showing up, maybe bring some food that's something from where you're from? If you cook! I just... would like to have people around. You know, since I'm the only one from my world here.

*She looks a little hopeful, she is putting herself out there. People here get so weird about things but she wants to just enjoy her freedom, live her life, all of that. She waves at the camera again before she wanders over and shuts it off.*
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thank the gods these things come in greek

i need:

α) directions to the nearest graveyard from the communal housing

β) a place to buy some good cheeseburgers, fries, and dt. coke.
(or animal blood if cheeseburgers are hard to come by)

γ) a prism or some other kind of clear crystal for rainbow making

δ) cooking lessons.

oh, and how many people here are mortals/human or gods/demigods