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riverview quarantine: network
how to use the network

Characters are not required to use one particular type of device to access the network, but upon arrival are guided through setting up an account to access the network. They can choose whatever username they would like, or go with the default of first initial and last name. They are given a choice of several smartphones upon arrival for daily use, and after orientation, they can upgrade this phone on their own dime or access the network by tablet, laptop, desktop, network-on-TV, game console, or any other method you can think of. If characters arrived with a device on their person, they can also choose to use that device, with a slight alteration for compatibility. The only way to access the network on any device is with the username they set up when they arrive.

Characters have access to the Quarantine equivalents of any (legal) websites that are available on the usual internet. More information on how the internet and network in Riverview functions can be found at the following links: 1. 2. 3. 4.

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[Eichi decides to make his first post in riverview a video message. He looks pale and a little nervous about something, but he speaks confidently. Some people might recognize him— his face has been appearing more and more in posters and advertisements in the city for performances.]

At first I thought I was hallucinating or something along those lines, because "magic" is something that doesn't exist in my universe except as science made to look like tricks. However... it seems I've gained some sort of ability.

It may be strange to ask, but has this happened to anyone else? I'm nothing like a "hero" out of a story book or anything like that, but I certainly healed a wound. [He glances down, flipping over his own arm and frowning in his focus.] Just now, I also cut the back of my arm to test it, since it was making me doubt myself, and I was able to heal that, as well.

[He's really not the type of person who should be harming himself in any way. But despite his paleness, he's conscious! Just... definitely exhausted in appearance.]

To be honest, I feel a little faint, now, but it may be due to my elevated heart rate after all of this. I'll look forward to any answers or advice I can receive.
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[ The best way to deal with crippling revelations is to make inane posts. Well. Maybe not so inane since he is genuinely lost. ]

What is the different between a boyfriend and a boy friend? Are there various levels of friendship that are distinguished by sex? The online literature on this subject is perplexing in nature. How does one earn these titles?
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*Lola is sitting pretty in the Floor 2 Communal area where she's set-up to record. Clearly she's edited this before posting, as there's no footage of her setting up the camera or anything. She's decked out in her usual hair and make-up to look as cute as possible before she starts. Everything has a sorta soft ocean theme to the colors, including the pale blue hair she's sporting.*

I want to apologize to anyone that met... who I was for the past two weeks. She was kinda the worst and super mean and had terrible taste in clothes. If anyone wants some beat up second hand leather jackets she bought three of them, they're too big for me and generally ugly and horrible.

*Great sales pitch Lola.*

Right, but, that's not really why I'm talking here. I was wondering if anyone wanted to get an apartment out of the provided housing. A place with separate rooms for everyone. I kinda want my own space, especially after everything. But I also don't really want to live on my own.

*As much as Lola is trying to look professional, mature (as much as she ever does), and on top of things she's fidgeting too much. There are a lot more edits where she's cut out bits of video and her edits are a lot sloppier than usual.*

I love to cook, and while I don't love laundry I do like having nice clothes so I'm pretty good at that too... so it won't be like I'm worthless. I'm probably the best person you could ask for to share an apartment with!

Just... nobody too creepy, okay? Um... I can't think of anything else important about getting an apartment together, but if there's a concern ask me? I really want to do this soon.

*She smiles, then awkwardly waves at the camera before the video feed vanishes. All her replies will be in voice unless otherwise marked. By all means point out how little she actually brought up about apartments and sharing space.*
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[ the view this time is of nico, sitting atop a gravestone. there's a fire crackling nearby, the glow making him look even more gaunt and sinister than usual ( if the dark hair, italian cheekbones emphasized by dark circles under his eyes, and the nearly all black clothing decorated with skulls aren't enough ). against the headstone he's sitting on rests a lethal looking, pure black sword.

it might seem like the beginnings of a horror movie of some sort, except nico is currently munching on french fries while gazing at the toy figurine he got with his quarantine equivalent of a happy meal. it's a pirate, of all things. ]

For those of you who are unaware, I am providing funeral services for anyone who decides to die heroically. Shroud burning, free of charge.

[ cheerful, isn't he. ]

Fortunately, I haven't had to do so yet, but where I'm from it's pretty common, so I might as well offer it here too. Trust me, though. Burning your body is best. You don't know who might decide to raise you from the dead.

[ and he gives a snap of his fingers. the earth at the feet of the tombstone he's sitting on begins to shift and soon enough, a skeletal hand begins climbing out. nico flashes a wry grin, and then turns the feed off. ]
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[The video starts up a bit like an old 70's VHS tape; grainy quality, washed-out colors, that weird lilt in the music as it starts up. The specific music that plays is a bright and cheery tune from the 50's, like something one would find on the shopping channel back in the day.

What it actually shows is a crude puppet, with a scribbled-on baseball for a head and googly eyes that have weirdly realistic irises. It seems to be made to exist in a permanent state of shock, or... terror. Everything about the image is just a little bit wrong.

Hey you! Yes, you!

[The words appear on a sort of title card, like a silent film, as if the creator hasn't mixed around with his vintage inspiration enough. And then the puppet can be seen spinning to look at the screen, its eyes jostled in their plastic sockets. Gross.]

Are you in need of PROTECTION AGAINST MONSTERS? Do you suspect someone isn't TELLING THE TRUTH?
Do you enjoy the RUSH OF FEAR? Do you seek to TEST YOUR LOYALTIES?

[In the style of certain vintage-themed video games, the puppet can be seen in between these pitches engaged in actions related to each question. Pointing a spear at a stuffed animal of some monster. Crying at his bedside. Hiding from shadows in a corner of a room. Shoving another puppet off of a cliff. Hugging another equally not-quite-right puppet... and then a very crude display in the last clip (but at least they're not anatomically correct).

Finally the brand name flashes across the screen, in bright, rainbow, neon letters.

is here for you.

Enroll below for beta testing of this sensational product!

[At the very bottom of the screen, very small and blurry text flashes by very fast; if one goes through it frame-by-frame and squints they may notice the words "Test subjects will be selected randomly. Experiments will occur when subjects least expect." Some frames also seem to be replaced by arcane symbols and satanic imagery, as if to scare those trying to read the small text. If one is watching at normal speed, this all flashes by in the blink of an eye before the video suddenly cuts out. Hmm...]
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Okay, okay, okay.

[Each of those words has a separate amount of emphasis. Ellie is holding her hands up and gesturing like she's trying to make an invisible margarita or something. Anyone who's ever been around teens should recognize the fact it's teenagerese for some form of frustration.]

I'm bored out of my fucking mind. Anybody want to go exploring? Monster hunting?

[Basically: her AU was that she never lost Riley, that it was the two of them that went across America in search of the Fireflies. She never met Joel at all, and her feelings about that whole mess are so mixed she's even willing to go shopping just to take her mind off it.]
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[Anne's gotten used to the video function, enough that it's not shaky, not too close up or far away. But almost as soon as the video feed is switched on, obviously set up on a desk in her room, anyone watching can tell that she's decidedly not happy.

And for anyone who's spoken to her before, she definitely doesn't look herself. She's wearing a green dress, and is decidedly wearing makeup that is done well, her hair brushed out and neatly drop-curled. Glaring into the camera, she empties a handful of beads that have been removed from her hair onto the surface of the desk.]

The fuck kind of place is this.

[After a moment, and a flicker of something that's a little troubled crosses her face.]

My roommate's gone, someone came by an' said she'd gone home. I don't like half the place bein' empty. Might switch rooms.

[Another pause, and then.]

If anyone wants her junk, come get it.
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[ On the screen is one Cain, also known as Romulus, commonly known in the city as Jacob Kane. He looks normal. Normal as he's ever looked, really, but the confidence that he lacked during the recent event is back in full force and he's very nonchalant about it all. He's at a flimsy-ish table with a laptop off to the side where the camera is obviously his propped up phone instead. ]

Hey! Long-time no talk, Riverview Quarantine. Just a few things. If you met me over the last week and a half or so, that was... technically me but not. You know that thing that was going on? Yeah, that. Don't worry about it. Forget about all that.

Quick catch-up for those who have (or haven't!) met me, I go by Jacob Kane nowadays. [ Not Romulus. Nope. This total 180 is completely normal considering he hardly looks any older or different at all. ] My job while I'm here is designing phone apps. I've been here for about two months now and I think this is my first actual post on the network. Anything interesting happen while I wasn't looking?

filtered messages I'm too lazy to take to inboxes s'up )
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[When the feed flicks on, Thor's face engulfs it before he notes to move it back a little more. He's alright with technology, but not great.]

Hello. [He says, and he needs to pause because he feels like he's talking to himself.]

In amongst recent.. events, I thought it might be of some use to offer training in strength and combat. We are well protected, to be sure, but a new start in life can be enriched with new skills. If you are interested in learning, I can make myself available.

And on that note- [The camera shifts as he stands, and he swivels it to pan over a sad, indoor collection of potted plants. All in varying states of death. It's a horror movie for plant-based life forms.]

In the interest of learning new skills, I have begun to garden. I am aware it has not gone to plan. [He swivels the camera back to himself, unimpressed.]

I need a hardy plant, one that can withstand my novice abilities. I've no care for something pretty, I just want it to live. [The saddest request he's ever made, he's sure.]

If you have experience in this area, I'd be interested to know why my plants have made a murderer of me. I can provide coffee for your services.

[[ooc: Here is the log to accompany this post.]]
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[Since the last network post went so well, Christian has decided to go to the next step. He might as well see just how far he can push things, right? Sure.]

Hey, guys.

[He even waves awkwardly with the device set up so he can use his hands.]

So, just a few things. First, what's the best way to go about inviting people to a company picnic? I've never really done anything... remotely company related, so any advice is welcome. And on that note, I don't know how many of you are familiar with the Gramarye Magic Research, uh, people, but I thought it might be helpful for all of us to say hello. To each other and everyone else, since researchers tend to close themselves into rooms and never get any good action, right?

Maybe we should try to make friends. Branch out some.

[Or he can sound ridiculous. That's always been a staple of his life anyway.]

How about one last one for the whole class: Have you ever seen a demon?
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[When the feed starts, it's clear that the man using it doesn't fully understand the technology, as he's holding it very far away from his face. It doesn't seem like it will be an issue though, seeing as he's basically yelling once he starts up talking;]

People of Riverview! Your blighted gatekeepers have informed me of the situation I have been summoned into, and I shall say this! [The feed swings around to a side view as he gesticulates,] Truly, though it is not what I am usually called upon for, rebuilding a civilization is certainly a worthy cause for I, the man upon whose works stand all the temples of the world! However!

[And now, the view zooms in rapidly, TOO close, on this weirdo's face. He's still yelling. This is just a bad audio-visual experience all around.]
What merits can you claim, that you should call yourselves worthy of the aid of I, Ozymandias, King of Kings!? [He's very emphatic about this. He's certainly proven to not be King of Volume Control.]
I am not so generous as to lend my mighty power to any motley assortment of fools! Prove yourselves worthy or incite my wrath!
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[ There's a flapping of wings and the rush of wind. The video is obviously being taken from a point very high up. All that is visible is Angela, her silver armor with its golden wings gleaming in the sunlight, and the blue, cloud-dotted sky behind her. She holds the phone out, posing for the camera. Though she can't seem to settle on a good angle.

Is she...? Yeah, it looks kind of like she's trying to take a selfie. She must have hit record by mistake.

Oh well. Enjoy, Quarantine. ]
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[You'd be surprised by how hard it is to set up a phone for a video post while sitting on a rebellious pre-teen who is a ten year old version of one of your five brothers-- but he won't tell you which. That, by the by, happens to be precisely what Ichimatsu Matsuno is doing at this particular moment, the feed kicking on to him frowning irritably at the screen with his hands clearly on either side of the device while he tries to make it stand upright.]

[When he sits back the scene gets a little stranger, because he is, in fact, sitting on a tiny version of what looks like himself if he ever brushed his hair and slept. He actually hisses at the boy beneath him and sits on him to prevent some of his wild flailing, and then glares back at the video feed.]

Can somebody tell me which Matsuno this little shit is? He's one of my brothers but inexplicably tiny and he won't tell me who he is.
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psa: no one is allowed to tell me off for wandering alone in riverview because you guys are all the worst kids ever when you get tiny.

you also all have like zero self-preservation instincts. ZERO.

also if you're a tiny kid and you don't want adults in your business, I'm happy to help out.
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[ The scene may not be an usual one. There's a fire alarm blaring, the haze of smoke and the dismayed sound of a man who has fallen prey to some misadventure in cooking. Aoba whines about how he's ruined a birthday cake he toiled over for hours, makes a fuss at how he couldn't have possibly got it wrong, all the while trying to shut off the alarm.

Noiz is naturally filming this culinary disaster as it happens and is presenting it live on social media. Don't forget to hit subscribe, folks.

When he pushes open the door to the kitchen, there's enough smoke that it's left a dull haze hanging around the kitchen even with the ventilation fan on full blast and a certain blue-haired young man is flapping a dish towel frantically before the oven. The door is open and it belches smoke, makes him choke and cough as he hauls out the burnt remains of what may have been a cake.

He clearly did not do the cooking by the book, either through sheer laziness or by using some messy recipe and the cake turned out crazy. It looks more like a blackened bit of sponge than anything edible.

It’s at this point that the camera turns a bit to show the plain-faced cameraman, who reaches forward to rip a chunk of the blackened cake up from the smoldering mess, to take a bite.

Of course, he makes a face. Eyeing the camera now, he shakes his head. ]

Someone should teach this idiot how to bake.

Or at least point him to a cookbook.

[ And apparently, that’s too much for the victim star of the video to handle, as he runs toward the cameraman, hands out to take the comm from him. ]

You complete brat! Are you filming this?! Don’t eat that garbage, what are you doing--!?

[ Looks like the show is over, unless you want to reply to the video that now abruptly shuts off to help this pair of fools. ]

[ ooc: Aoba's dialogue is in blue, Noiz is in green. ]
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To those who are interested, a mission has been issued to take care of the chalice currently stuck in the portal. I've formulated a plan, but I require assistance.

[In the video feed, Tieria addresses the network with a serious expression. Though he thinks the whole situation with the chalice is ridiculous, he's still choosing to involve himself. He's been restless from too much free time and too little direction since he arrived, so when given the chance to do something familiar and productive, it's only natural for him to take it.]

There are two apparent options: destroy it, or push it back through the portal. Taako claims that only a god can destroy it, so unless one is present, our most likely option is to send it back.

It is unknown how much force, or even what kind, is needed to accomplish that. Based on what we do know, I propose we try two separate attempts, one with kinetic force and one with magic, to see if the chalice responds to either. I have the kinetic approach covered, though I need a Parameter Guard that isn't in training to supervise. For the magical approach...

[He's still coming to terms with the fact that magic even exists, but trying to deny it will only impede the mission.]

Since there isn't any magic where I'm from, someone trained in that subject is needed to cover that part of the operation.

Contact me if you are able to help.
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[Good morning Riverview. America's favourite wizard is here with an announcement.

America's favourite wizard is also doing his first audio only post, because he looks like shit and he's out of spell slots to cast Disguise Self.]

So, uh, what's up, my dudes? I'm gonna cut to the chase here, cause most of you aren't complete idiots and have probably noticed that some weird shit is happening and that weird shit, while not my fault, is thanks to some fucko in my world messing with magical items, so now we're dealing with the consequences.

[That fucko is Magnus, who he's throwing under the bus on this, although not by name at least.

There's a very audible sigh from Taako's end of things.]

Here's the skinny: an item with control over time has gotten its shit messed up in the portal, and that's why people are suddenly like, babies or whatever, and the folks here don't really, uh, well they don't know how to fix it. They don't know enough about the chalice, and I don't know enough about the portal, so... so we're asking for help. I'd put money on arcane knowledge getting us the furthest, but at this point I'm willing to take input from anyone who knows their science shit, too, as long as you're not gonna try to tell me that magic doesn't exist. I can guaran-fucking-tee that I'm not in the mood.

[Someone hasn't slept in two days because he's been trying to figure this out, worried about both the chalice itself and the potential that a part of the light existing in this universe could lead the Hunger to it.]

The big thing is that it needs to go back, we bring that shit all the way in here and it's gonna break pretty bad for a lot of people and this stupid cup has given me enough grief that I'm super ready to never see it again in my entire life. Anyone who wants to help should get in touch with the dudes running the portal, but if you got questions I can field 'em. Heads up, you'll get better answers if you promise me coffee.

[He's doing his Good Deed of the week, he could at least get some caffeine out of it.]
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[ When the feed begins, a woman with a medium complexion, dark brown eyes, and dark brown hair to match appears on the screen. She gives a smile to her audience and wets her lips with the tip of her tongue. ]

Hi. I’m not sure how common introductions are or what proper etiquette is around here, but I’m Margo Hanson and I’m new.

[ She gives a small toss of her head to flip her hair over her shoulder and out of her way. ]

I’ve lived in a few different places, but never anywhere like here. I’m still exploring.

[ A quiet exhale of breath escapes her lips and she smiles a little brighter. ]

Anyway, I work at Gramarye Magic Research and you can reach me here on the network whenever.
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[ A young man with green hair that's almost neon in brightness appears on the video feed, the angle and steadiness of the camera evidence that he does this quite a lot. His eyebrows are too perfect to not be something he maintains and his eyeliner is, as they say, quite on point. The young man's voice is probably familiar to some people around the Quarantine, although a bit younger and not muffled by a cybernetic mask and a synthetic tongue. ] Yo! Look, I don't know where exactly this place is but I'm not complaining— [ He says it like he's used to waking up in strange places he doesn't quite recognize.

He runs a hand across his chin. ]
—because I'm always up for some time to get away from shit, y'know? But I gotta ask, where does everybody have fun around this place? There has to be an arcade around here, right? Or at least a good bar with cheap booze. Drop me some info, I will definitely make it worth your while.

[ The young man smiles and it approaches something playful and almost wicked. Genji Shimada was such a little shit in his youth. ]
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Despite what I’ve been told I am firmly of the belief that this is the afterlife, as I am with no amount of uncertainty dead. I need no consolation or words of wisdom, nor do I need anyone to try to convince me otherwise. Rather, the point of this post is to search for people I knew in life, specifically Regis Lucis Caelum. If anyone has been in contact with him or anyone else who might claim to hail from Eos or Lucis I would appreciate being informed immediately. Thank you for your time.
-Clarus Amicitia