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riverview quarantine: network
how to use the network

Characters are not required to use one particular type of device to access the network, but upon arrival are guided through setting up an account to access the network. They can choose whatever username they would like, or go with the default of first initial and last name. They are given a choice of several smartphones upon arrival for daily use, and after orientation, they can upgrade this phone on their own dime or access the network by tablet, laptop, desktop, network-on-TV, game console, or any other method you can think of. If characters arrived with a device on their person, they can also choose to use that device, with a slight alteration for compatibility. The only way to access the network on any device is with the username they set up when they arrive.

Characters have access to the Quarantine equivalents of any (legal) websites that are available on the usual internet. More information on how the internet and network in Riverview functions can be found at the following links: 1. 2. 3. 4.

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I have some fanfic ideas that I'd like your opinions on, so I know which one to devote all of my time to when it comes to flushing out further chapters. I'll read the summary of each and would be obliged if you'd all vote.

[ Ignore the fact Loki is strolling across a rainbow that happens to span a great deal of the Quarantine, he's up there because it helps him think. He reads off the notes on his phone. ]

Story One: Pride and Two Pantheons. "Thor is sick of the patriarchal shit going down in Asgardia so she tries to batter Cul Borson, the God of Fear who has usurped the throne, into a far less intimidating cocopuff but he has magical spells to defend himself. It was pretty obvious he was dickering about like a creep and was always going to try something of the sort, so Thor has already thought of back-up in the form of Nicola Hades, a demi-god with whom, through the trials incited by their battles against Borson, she forms a steamy intimate attachment".

Story Two: Who's A Pretty Bird? "Victress Va-Va-Voom is madly in love with Stan Redwing, but unfortunately Stan was born with an irrevocable desire to devour everything metal he sees and Miss Voom decided she wanted a metal everything to up her career as an alternative lingerie model. Can Stan overcome his need to nibble on Miss Voom's metallic fingertips every time they speak? Does Voom think he's super hot and is she all that bothered? And will her father, General Scarlet Hunk, even allow the match"?

Story the Third: Strange Crafts of Love. "Two sorcerers from two different worlds, Steven and Stoven, collide when two Earths smash together. Sadly, Stoven is spliced with a Lovecraftian horror and is convinced, until he meets his alternate-reality self, that no one will ever find his tentacles or extra arms sexy. But Steven has a dark secret ... He was also the Kinkmaster Unmatched in his universe, and his tastes run seedier than a few extra limbs, yet can they override their wild lusty affair and find a pathway to each others' hearts? Several, in Stoven's case. Time and accidentally conceived octopi children will tell".

[ Loki turns his face to the sun, shielding his eyes with a satisfied look on his face. Those are far better thoughts to be mulling over than visions and dreams which either horrify or embarrass, and he's had quite enough of moping for the moment. ]

I hope that gives you all something new to think about. Constructive crit welcome, of course.
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To those of you suffering thanks to the wandering spirits, the wards of Gramarye have been reinforced to repel all apparitions - sentient or otherwise. You're welcome to sanctuary if you need a chance to breathe.

Bear in mind that certain halls are off limits, and of course anyone abusing the privilege will be escorted from the premises. Vigorously.
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Just curious who my other guards are, specifically on the S&R and Surveyor guards.

Like to know who's on my team.
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[The video opens to show the Capital World in the distance.]

It looks so much like my Earth, and yet..I know in my heart that it isn't.

[The device's camera is turned to show the serious expression of a new arrival. His blue eyes reflect a sort of sadness in them that he's certain plenty of people in Riverview have felt upon arrival.]

My apologies. I hope no one was brought down by my speaking aloud. A bad habit of mine, I'm afraid. My name is Ashley Flournette. My friends call me 'Ash'. [He gives his fancy pants brown hat a slight tip. A silent 'hello' to go with his introduction.]
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[How this ends up on the network is anyone’s guess. Ronan’s habit of sleeping with his headphones in, listening to music on his phone probably plays a part. In any case, the memory broadcasts itself. It is lovely and pure and one of Ronan's most closely guarded secrets. Any other memory would be better.

At first the memory is vague. A very young Ronan, around three years of age, walks through a home. He presses his hand to one of the walls and as he drags his fingers along, the home loses its ambiguity. The painting on the walls has flecks. A few warps appear in the wood beneath his feet. The dream becomes reality in his mind.

Spoilers for The Raven Cycle but that's Ronan for you )
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[ before it starts, what's seen is alphonse sprawled out on his and ed's bed in the general store, a vulpix and an eevee curled up with him. but the scene swiftly changes, going dark before opening up in the ruins of a city. the ground trembles as alphonse stares around him. it's a war scene and this is his fault, he realizes, and he stumbles as something calls out from behind him. ]

this one's for the torn down, the experts at the fall )

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Is it normal for things to be this...intense?

[The ghosts, the weird party thing that happened and now...now she isn't sure what to make of anything.]

Rather, is it normal for your old things to suddenly appear? I didn't think I would see it again after leaving Jakku, but...it's better than nothing.

Or, is it a trick and should I prepare for it to be something else? I would like to eventually use it, but if it's a trick....

[Nothing is given freely, especially her Speeder. How or why it's suddenly came to Riverview is beyond her. Does she dare trust it?]
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(Warning for torture and abuse of a child, pretty much, as well as self-harm and vague mentions of violent footage. If you'd rather just visit Laura without viewing it, feel free to! Open action and voice options are under the memory option. Also, feel free to see the footage any time throughout the event, if you prefer to have your character see it later. It'll play at random, probs.)



[Laura is of course unaware of this footage -- no, she doesn't watch or know about it, but instead of being on the network, she follows through with her usual day to day life. She packs some comic books she found in the school library along with her slightly rumpled homework. Linda helps brush her hair and hands off a pastry before she starts off with her tattered green backpack, a little horse key-chain hanging off it, the horse plush gifted to her recently poking out of an unzipped section like it's hiding out and catching a ride with her. She has her favorite galaxy-themed cap on, too, and smiley-face pancakes on her mind from a local diner. Smiley-face pancakes and a milkshake, of course. Maybe she'll go there again, now that Peter Quill the Star Lord has properly introduced her. She does actually go to school today, and can be found milling about there, finishing the day properly.

Then she walks the town, mainly to visit the toy store -- Ciel's toystore. She has money from her caseworker today.

Near the end of the day, Laura can also be found near the shops wandering (not stealing! aren't you proud?), or at the community housing, on the rooftop, her legs crossed as she lays on her belly and reads the daring comic adventures of THE FLICK AND WILD RANGER, two very generic but no less enthusiastic heroes. The Flick flicks things with his mind. And the ranger is wild and has a lasso. You understand. If there are wrappers all over the roof, well. Whatever. It's a fun hang-out spot for asocial children. Her eyes pour over every panel with eagerness, brightened in privacy by the victories on the paper.]


What is your favorite hero?

... Someone said that Halloween is for 'costumes'. Do they mean hero costumes? Like a... hero costume day.

[She's a little inspired today. She just doesn't know how to go about what she considers "dress like a superhero day". Clearly that's what Halloween is, right?]

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[When the video starts, the memory is in the dead of night. The darkness is the kind that you can't get anymore with electric lights all over the place. This is true dark, the kind when only the moonshine can help anyone to see. There's a group of men and women sleeping soundly on the ground. CW: Canon style violence in links and under cut )
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[For the first time since he's gotten here, months ago--He's actually posting a video instead of leaving cryptic or weird texts he expects people to understand without any real explanations.

At first, however, the videofeed is quiet, except for the faint whirring of machines. With a press to one of the holographic keyboards near him, the image of a tall man flickers to life.

He looks every bit like the real version of a man who used to be here--if anyone had the privilege of meeting him. Ozymandias, King of Kings--an apparent pharaoh who had been called here 'against his will.'

Another press of a button, and the man speaks, though most notable is a peal of heartfelt laughter.

A strange look flickers across Noiz' usually emotionless face, and he shakes his head.]

If someone who was dead before they got here leave...

I wonder where they go.

[In Noiz' weird way, one might be able to recognise the feeling of loss he's having trouble trying to process.]
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[Normally, Alec wouldn't broadcast video to whoever had their phone on, but he needs to ask as many people as possible about the friend he picked up while patrolling the night before. It takes him a few seconds for the camera to focus properly. When it does, Alec can be seen holding a very large tabby patterned ball of fluff.]

Did anyone lose a cat? I found him last night curled up in an alley. He looked like he'd been outside for a few days and is eating like he hasn't been fed regularly.

[He can't quite hide the disapproval in his tone. If someone did this to the poor cat intentionally, Alec is not going to be pleased.]

If he's yours, I'll return him. If not, my family would like to keep him.
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The way things work here, people are supposed to leave by choice. Has anyone been contacted by a friend, before they left? I’ve heard some theories that when we leave we don’t get a chance to say goodbye, once the portal points the right way either you go or you miss it.

A few of us have talked about leaving a message in advance, so if the opportunity comes and we have to take it without warning people here have something left behind. Some people used to do that where I was before… has anyone here done anything like that? It seems worth it.

Even if we don’t want to leave, I’m not entirely convinced everyone that’s gone left here by choice.

[A pause. There’s no emotion when he speaks, if anything there’s a distinct lack of emotion, expression carefully neutral with the last part.]

Yuffie’s gone. For anyone that knew her and isn’t aware yet.
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[ weeks have passed since diana of themyscira's arrival. while her search for ares has taken a temporary detour, there is still a great deal to explore in this new realm. which is why she has decided to grace the network with her presence. diana, meet riverview. riverview, meet diana. ]

This is an incredible world. With wonders I have never witnessed before.

Like ice cream 🍦
And other types of amazing food 🍕 🍔 🍟 🍩 🍪 🍫 🍰

Which is your favorite?
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Anyone else died before coming here? Or died and woke up here?

Did you wake up feeling everything from you wounds when you got here?
Do you still get phantom pains?
Any memory issues? 
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[ The video feed opens to a mostly dark room, a diffused light somewhere in the room providing enough light with which to see Re-L. It’s nearly 3 AM at the time of recording, and yet there she is, lounged on some piece of furniture in her apartment, a small throw rug over her feet, the soft patter of rain in the background.

She leans forward to settle the communicator on a table, pushing a stray piece of bang too short to make her ponytail behind her ear as she straightens again. Many things, of late, have had her thinking. Perhaps a little too much, but it wouldn’t be a day in Re-L’s world without a little over thinking and, perhaps, idle musing. Piling thoughts related to how, maybe, things could have been different in her home world had things aligned different, how exactly she may have landed herself here.. etcetera.

An abandoned book sits beside her, which seems to indicate she’s been up too late reading, thinking a little too much in the rain as a precipitant to this : ]

Does anyone else here ever wonder about how, maybe, things could have turned out differently if only you’d… done things differently? Behaved differently or been.. made a different person?

Perhaps listened to directives instead of blatantly disobeying and following your instincts.. asking fewer questions.. ?

[ Blue eyes narrow slightly as lightning streaks above her, a roll of thunder loud enough to hear over the communicator seeming to distract her for a moment. ]

That’s the problem with questions and finding their answers - - A lie is the truth until you recognize it as a lie, and by then, you can’t take back the question.

That’s the problem with my questions, really, I still haven’t quite figured out how to start taking them back -

[ Re-L stops before completing that thought, a small ‘mrrp!’ sounding as a little kitten with black and brown spots climbs his way up the couch to her, which.. seems to shock her for all of a second before she’s reaching to gently detach him from the sofa material with a tut, the other hand reaching to shut the device off since who knows how long this will take - ]

Atlas, can you not climb every damn thing in this apartment?